• Switching to solar power
    is not just a smart move for your organization
    but for the planet too!

Our Capabilities

To handle solar installations of any size or scale

Highly Competitive

Pricing in comparison with the solutions available in the market

About KBP

KBP Group of companies was founded in the year 2007 by Shri.K.Sathyaprakash who is the Chairman and Shri.Bhanuprasad and Shri.Parthasarathy are the Directors of the Group. KBP ventured into the property development trade to begin with and created a name for itself before diversifying into international trading, building luxury villas and pre-fabricated homes , Solar /Led industry and finally into event management/business promotions.

Group Companies

  • Kumbha Business Promotions
  • GSMVJ Realties
  • Kumbha Agencies

Solar Panels

Mono Crystalline
Poly Crystalline
Thin Film

Solar & LED Lighting

Solar Lanterns
Solar Street Lights
Solar Garden Lights
LED bulbs /Tubes/Decorative lights

Solar Thermal

Solar water heaters
Solar Cookers

Balance of Systems

Solar Inverter , Solar Battery , Solar Charge Controllers , Wires , Cables , Connectors , Solar Junction Box , Solar Mounting systems , Solar surge protection , Solar tracking system

Solar Power Systems

On Grid, Off Grid, Solar power plants (Solar Water pumps, Solar Fencing, Solar telecom towers) and Solar Farms

Hybrid Systems

Using a combination of different energy sources (e.g solar energy, wind turbines or diesel generators) helps you to lower investment costs & increase system availability.

Solar heating solutions

Solar Air heating sytems

Solar cooling solutions

Solar Ac's

Services Offered

All our services come under the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) model. Following are the steps :

  Site and Project Analysis.

  System Design.

  Balance of System.

  Erection and Commissioning.

  Project Management.


  Operations and Maintenance.





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